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How to write a Gtk Widget

I found a couple of good tutorials on how to write a Gtk widget, first a C version and then a python version ( it’s the same tutorial except the implementation language ):


Image links

I just learned how to create image links in markdown, It’s pretty much just to combine creating a link and creating a image ( go figure :P ).

How to define a link in markdown:

[link]: link "description"

How to define an image in markdown:

![alt text][image]
[image]: link "optional title"

Image link:

[![alt text][image]][link]
[link]: link "description"
[image]: link "optional title"

As you can see I use the expanded link and image syntax, I find it a lot easier to read when you define all the links at one place ( that is the bottom of the page ).

If you are interested in more information about Markdown.

This page contains a pretty good introduction to Markdown as well.


Which Programming Language Are You?

I think I took this test before but I don’t think I was lisp then ( I’ll try to find it ). The thing about parenthesis feels pretty accurate ( at least in regular text, not so sure I do that in programming though ).

Which Programming Language Are You?

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I started to listen to this weekend and I have to say that so far I like it a lot ( one downside is maybe that I haven’t found any good desktop applications for it yet but .. ).

It’s really great way to find new and interesting music which roughly matches your taste ( at least after you have used it a while ) and without the biggest drawback radio has, you can change song if you don’t like it.

I guess I’ll find out tomorrow if it works at work or if Ericsson’s mighty firewall blocks this service ( I might be able to tunnel it from home but I don’t know if it is worth the trouble ).

I’m ‘phaero81′ ( I want to strangle the one who has taken my regular user name ) if someone wants to be my ‘friend’



For a long time I’ve been wondering why I don’t blog more and one big thing is that I’ve never been one that wanted to go to a web page and fill in a form to post an entry.

Sure that is perfectly acceptable when you are at work or somewhere else ( e.g. not at home ) but when I’m using my computer I want to use a desktop application.

I’ve tried a few different application on Linux ( such as Drivel, BloGTK, Gnome Blog among others ) but all of them had something that irritated me.

Some where too complicated for what I needed to do ( I just need to post an entry now and again ) and most tries to login to the site before you would be able to start writing your post and since my server is pretty slow most of the time that’s a major problem for me.

So what is a programmer to do? Well you of course start writing your own software that will satisfy all your needs.

sBlog will be a very simple blog software but hopefully pretty powerful to, it will not contain any blog editor so you have to use some other editor ( you can use whatever you want, Gedit, vim or even OpenOffice ( just make sure you save to text or send in a patch to allow sBlog to import a OpenOffice document ) ).

Stay tuned for more info about sBlog.