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Random Thoughts

How to change to file extension

One most Linux and Unix system you have the rename command which makes changing file extensions on many files very easy ( this is of course not the only use for rename, check the man page for more examples ):

rename .html .htm *.html


10 Linux commands you’ve never used

A list of a bit advanced Linux/Unix commands that you probably never heard of:

10 Linux commands you’ve never used


Another day, another blogging software

I’m slowly importing my previous posts from NanoBlogger but there doesn’t seem to be a strait import path from NanoBlogger to WordPress so it might take a while. One possibility is to write a python script to push in the posts by xmlrpc but I think I will try to find one before I write one myself.



Hi, welcome to another boring blog :)

What’s this blog about you might ask, don’t really know yet… I will probably post some links, stuff about Linux, programming and games here also. Can’t really guarantee that I will post something fairly regularly, going by my previous experience of blogging I won’t.

BTW don’t be surprised if you see any spelling or grammar mistakes since English isn’t my native tongue, but if you see any please tell me (otherwise I can’t learn by my mistakes so to speak :P )

“Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?” mean “Who will guard the guards?”, a quote I saw in Dan Browns book “Digital Fortress”. Which appears to become more relevant every day I’m sorry to say :(

That’s it for now